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Absolute Rentals

Absolute Rentals

Absolute Rentals offer a professional, yet personal approach to the management of property based on honesty, integrity and superior service 

They work with businesses, investors & home owners who want to maximize their rental investments, protect their assets & minimize the workload associated with Property Management. 

Art Sterritt

Art Sterritt

Art Sterritt is operated by Vonnie Sterritt, who from growing up within the surrounds of the Clutha and now the Manawatu rivers means that water described gorges and plains are so much a part of who she is.

Overwhelming light, skies, seasons and landforms have allowed for an enormous compositional scope which she translates onto her canvas. 

What did Vonnie Steritt require from us?

artsterritgallerySterritt approached us looking for an update to her website in order to meld with her artistic prowess. Prior to this, she had an older website that was not only out-of-date, but was an annoyance to remove/add/modify listings of her work. 

This is made even more of a problem, because not only did she have to pay for support to get any listings changed, this was usually a slow process that wasn't her fault. The slow process also entails the fact that when visitors come to the site, they are not viewing the full catalog of what she has in stock, reducing the chance of a painting being sold. This easily causes loss of business on top of support pay expenditure.


How did we accomplish this and what were the results?

artsterritlistingsWe used the CMS Joomla for the website. Using the ZOO component for her art listings, Vonnie is now able to implement her own with no outside support. This was the best option for Vonnie, as now she doesn't need to contact support to modify what she needs done on the site, she is able to do it herself.

Along with that, we used a theme that really melds well with her artistic flair. Without her paintings, it is a basic layout, however, once combined with her art, it really shines through and just looks fabulous.

Overall, the outcome has been greatly positive. Not only does Vonnie now have a site that really melds well with her art, but the ability to edit listings whenever she wants to with no cost except a couple minutes of her time, is fantastic. Since Vonnie cycles through her art rather quickly, she has managed to save a significant amount from support, and increased sales overall due to a quicker rotation of her listings.

Australasian Promotional Products Reseller

Australasian Promotional Products Reseller

Trio Technology developed and support the Magento installation for an Australasian promotional products distributor. Magento was chosen for full e-commerce capabilities and flexibility within an Open Source model.