Baletwine wanted to create a mobile application for technologically advanced farmers to use on the go. The result was an extensive application which provides tools to measure and report on all aspects of the farming business.

The application was developed using a combination of a mobile JavaScript library called Phone Gap, as well as HTML5 and CSS.

PhonegapPhone Gap is a platform for building native mobile applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. This makes development more effective and efficient for the client.

The application was designed with multiple platforms in mind. Through rigorous testing, the application is fully responsive to all mobile and tablet devices. This means you don’t have to worry about having difficulty with navigation and usability no matter what device you decide to use.

Chart-it was designed to be used independent of WiFi and phone signal for those times you are far away from civilization.

Whether you want to track sales and expenses, measure differences between products, or track the productivity of a work team. Then Chart-it will become a valuable tool in your business management toolbox. 


1 chart

Create up to 5 key performance areas for your business then choose two criteria from each area for comparison. Information is displayed as bar graphs for quick graphic comparison. The data can be emailed back to the office for deeper analysis or to service providers for advice.


Three bar graphs let you report actual outputs against budgets. Choose your own criteria such as Income, Expenses, Product Sales or create your own. Set goals and targets and enter the actuals as they become available daily, weekly or monthly or annually. You can email data to stakeholders, giving you straightforward, authoritative communication with no reports to write!

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