FarmHelp Mobile Application

FarmHelp Mobile Application

The FarmHelp app is a tutorial app designed to help the small/lifestyle farmer cope with the farm  chores and functions needed to run a modern and busy farm. From the website;

"Farmhelp is a great resource for information on farming and livestock tasks, using methods that have been tried and tested over 40 years – right on your Android mobile phone and at your fingertips. Whether you're an experienced farmer or starting out with a smallholding, Farmhelp can save you time, money, and get you back to doing what you do best – tending your land, livestock, and allowing your staff to work quickly and safely unsupervised."

Trio Technology built the back-end functionality for entering and storing the content and image. We also built the XML Parser for moving content from a back-end server to a device. The Android only application was built by Pixel This with Graphic Design by Marshall Creative.

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