Grout Pro

Grout Pro

ProGroup Home Service Specialists is New Zealand’s award winning and premier home service franchise group. ProGroup’s aim is to provide New Zealand home owners specialised and professional home services, performed by fully trained and qualified franchise business owners.


The Calculation Tool


This application is a tool offered on their site for the registered tradespeople to calculate the amount and costing of materials for various renovation tasks, such as painting or staining a deck, carpeting a garage or painting a fence, for a quote for customers.

Each tool calculates the area per square meter and includes labour costs, and consumables, eg petrol or masking paper.

The tool has been created using a framework called Angular JS. 


VTiger CRM


ProGroup also needed a way to track leads and quotes from each franchise to  group data to eliminate inconsistency's to create a easy-to-manage system for both the franchisee and the franchiser. Their old paper and email method had large variability in data entry. ProGroup needed a CRM system to manage their data effectively.

VTiger is a comprehensive CRM system which allows for management and automation of business processes.

ProGroup’s usage of this system is split into two parts:

The franchisee: Is given a process to follow when creating quotes that is automated.

  1. Convert a lead into a visit.
  2. Calculate the requirements of the visitor to create a quote.
  3. Invoice the quote.

The best part of this is that all the calculations, quote and invoices are done automatically once the data is entered. This means it's easier for the franchisee to do their job, but also creates consistency from each franchise.

The franchiser: This makes it easy for the franchiser to overlook all activity. The franchiser is able to manage leads, quotes and usage without any concern for variability in data entry.



 Xero is accounting software used to manage invoices. 

Now that ProGroup’s business processes are consistent, invoicing can be automated using our VTiger to Xero integration.

ProGroup Home Service Specialists now have a fully automated business model that gives them a huge advantage over other premier home service franchise groups.

Our Data Centres

Depending on the plan selected, we will host your website from a number of locations.

  • Christchurch VPS - We host most of our sites on our Christchurch based VPS (Virtual Private Server). Our VPS's are managed by a Network and Infrastructure Specialist at the Net24 Data-centre, a Tier 3+ data-centre with a 99.99% Core Network Service Level Agreement.
  • International Cloud Hosting - For our custom hosting customers, depending on needs, we will host their applications from any of the international cloud networks like Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS. In entirely depends on the requirements of the application and needs of the client.