RA Burt

RA Burt

RA Burt specialise in importing quality home-ware and was originally started all the way back in 1946 by Bob Burt and has been run by the Burt family since then in Palmerston North. Most products were originally sourced from England or locally made here in New Zealand.

Nowadays though, due to globalisation, Ra Burt is able to import their products from a wide range of different countries that include China, India, England, Poland and Taiwan.

What did RA Burt require from us?

raburtsearchPrior to us working with RA Burt, they had a older Joomla website that had a few issues.

One being that it was outdated, and they felt like they needed a fresher theme, as so many people are put off by older websites almost instantly as they've grown accustomed to the simple and neat design of modern websites.

A more serious issue however were the security flaws present in the older version of Joomla. This can and has caused problems for them due to the malicious nature of certain people. They wanted us to step in, give them not only a beautiful website to sell there items, but to make sure that no one could compromise the security of the site. 


How did we accomplish this and what were the results?

raburtclocksWe decided to use an updated Joomla version for the new site. With a combination of our expertise with it, and it being a newer iteration of Joomla, the security issues which plagued the site before weren't going to be a problem.

HikaShop is a module that provides an interface for handling languages, currencies, zones and advanced taxes to sell anywhere in the world. Products are easily managed using the built-in dashboard, with special features such as statistics and marketing tools. This module works on all devices,and is integrated with many other modules and plugins.

Overall, RA Burt now have a site that is more inline to what sites nowadays are, they are now more secure than they were, and they are able to switch out products with ease, reducing support costs, thus reducing expenses.