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Active Collab

Pixolut Active Collab Modules

Pixolut Active Collab Modules

Two custom modules for Active Collab, which extends core functionality.  

Pixolut AC Module Project-E

One module allows the ability to track estimated costs versus actual costs on a project by adding extra fields to existing job types, a project estimation page (which allows ability to estimate hours per job type on a project), and two reports which show estimated vs actual, and staff times on tasks in a project.

The second module displays a grid of all the tasks in the project with the ability to sort and filter the grid.

Pixolut AC Mod 2 Grid


A diverse range of software were used, such as php, smarty, and javascript.

Ten Fast Feet AC Customisations

Ten Fast Feet AC Customisations


This company required a custom module for ActiveCollab (project management tool) which has a whole lot of new functionality to suit their needs.

  • We added a new interface to be able to add bugs to the system.


  • We added the ability to send out daily reminder emails to staff reminding them to log their time for the day.

  • We updated list views to remember which groups were collapsed.Settings-page-3

  • We added the function to add tasks inline rather than in groups.






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