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Grout Pro

Grout Pro

ProGroup Home Service Specialists is New Zealand’s award winning and premier home service franchise group. ProGroup’s aim is to provide New Zealand home owners specialised and professional home services, performed by fully trained and qualified franchise business owners.




We were approached by a sole client to develop a web application for future potential use.

What did the client require from us?

propulsionThe client required a prototype web application in order to graphically model transporting various items. To then study the effects of modifying distance, speed and effect of delays of the items of various ports.

Only a prototype was ordered to see if this could be viable, with a full product later if the prototype went well. 

For the prototype, the client only wanted a client-side [no communication to a server, everything being calculated right in the browser], implementation of Propulsion. When the app has transitioned into a full product, server-side implementation of the prototype will be ported over from client-side.

How did we accomplish this and what were the results?

propulsion3The web-app was mainly developed in the AngularJS framework. The framework is good for developing one-page applications that require two-way data binding, so that when objects are updated, it is reflected on the display instantaneously. 

For the graphical element of the application, we used D3.js, as it is not only an excellent tool for representing visual data on web browsers, but the ease of developing with it allows us to draw complicated visuals.

The ease for a user to drive the application is as simple as entering data, and letting the app compile visual aspects for you.

Overall, the prototype developed was well received and functions smoothly. As the results were good, we're hoping the full-scale developed application will go ahead.