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3 Cordyceps

3 Cordyceps

3Cordyceps is a website which sells their special health supplement. 3Cordyceps needed a presentable, easy to use website that allows people to buy this supplement easily.

Bridge NZ

Bridge NZ

Bridge NZ, originally known as the Independent Bridge Stationery Supplies (IBSS), started as a small business in Palmerston North that specialised in the game of Bridge.

As of 2015, they are located in Whanganui and have developed not only the NZ Bridge Scoring Programme, but the BridgePad as well.

What did Bridge NZ require from us?

bridge exampleBridge NZ approached us with two things in mind. 

Firstly, Bridge NZ needed a way to easily access Club event results across New Zealand, for team events and for Swiss pairs. After a meeting, we decided to create a web app which uses HTML5, CSS and Kendo UI with embedded Razor. This allowed us to create an easy to use, fully functioning application that Bridge NZ and all its clubs can use.

Secondly, Bridge NZ specialise in Bridge products and rely on selling these products. They came to us looking to update their outdated and aging HTML site, as this could no longer be their gateway to selling products.

How did we accomplish this and what were the results?

Results Application


Razor is a markup syntax based on ASP.NET that lets you embed server-based code (Visual Basic and C#) into web pages.

Server-based code can create dynamic web content on the fly from servers or other web pages.

We used this to generate the results in the web app.


Kendo UI

dropdown menuKendo UI Mobile is a performance focused UI framework top of jQuery. Making use of adaptive rendering technology, it emulates native-looking UI on devices without developers having to change anything.

Usage of JavaScript can be made minimal, existing mostly in the ViewModel portion of the MVVM pattern. By that token, it’s the UI components where Kendo UI Mobile really shines.

We used Kendo UI to create a visual appeal of the website while also keeping the website fully responsive on all devices.


HTML + JavaScript

These languages were used to glue all the components together creating a web app that fully caters for the customer.


bridge dropdownThe Bridge NZ website that we developed has now been updated with Joomla using a fully customized theme to maintain the websites unique feel while also bringing it into the 21st century.

The website uses a Joomla component called Zoo which is used to display data and information. (e.g. products, club info, etc..)

The website also uses another component called Hika shop which ensures that the shopping cart works flawlessly for their customers.

Bridge NZ now have a web app that is simple and straightforward to use to keep track of results, and have the ability to share them with the organisation.

They also have a modern, easily navigable website. With the upgrade in website design, they have a clearer laid out website, which in turn causes customers to be able to use it better. The happier a customer is with browsing a site with a seamless and easy experience, the higher the chance they will purchase from the site.

Bridge NZ Website

Bridge NZ Website

Bridge NZ is a business that specialize in selling items relating to the game Bridge. 


Digital DM

Digital DM

Digital DM is a key foundation client for Trio Technology and have worked with them since 2006. We support their core business applications namely the epublishing and touch screen kiosk technology that we have developed for them over the years. There are several areas that we support DDM;

Motelmover website

Motelmover website

McCrae Real Estate has over 35 years experience selling real estate, with the last 17 years specialising in the motel industry. Malcolm has maintained a website for over 8 years and this is the latest iteration. With this new version, Trio Technology implemented a new version of Joomla integrated with Zoo, a Joomla component for adding data fields to Joomla

PNPersonnel Recruitment Specialists

Palmerston North Personnel

PN Personnel wanted to refresh their website. They needed a supportive development team and we came to the party.