3 Cordyceps

3 Cordyceps

3Cordyceps is a website which sells their special health supplement. 3Cordyceps needed a presentable, easy to use website that allows people to buy this supplement easily.

Absolute Rentals

Absolute Rentals

Absolute Rentals offer a professional, yet personal approach to the management of property based on honesty, integrity and superior service 

They work with businesses, investors & home owners who want to maximize their rental investments, protect their assets & minimize the workload associated with Property Management. 

Art Sterritt

Art Sterritt

Art Sterritt is operated by Vonnie Sterritt, who from growing up within the surrounds of the Clutha and now the Manawatu rivers means that water described gorges and plains are so much a part of who she is.

Overwhelming light, skies, seasons and landforms have allowed for an enormous compositional scope which she translates onto her canvas. 

What did Vonnie Steritt require from us?

artsterritgallerySterritt approached us looking for an update to her website in order to meld with her artistic prowess. Prior to this, she had an older website that was not only out-of-date, but was an annoyance to remove/add/modify listings of her work. 

This is made even more of a problem, because not only did she have to pay for support to get any listings changed, this was usually a slow process that wasn't her fault. The slow process also entails the fact that when visitors come to the site, they are not viewing the full catalog of what she has in stock, reducing the chance of a painting being sold. This easily causes loss of business on top of support pay expenditure.


How did we accomplish this and what were the results?

artsterritlistingsWe used the CMS Joomla for the website. Using the ZOO component for her art listings, Vonnie is now able to implement her own with no outside support. This was the best option for Vonnie, as now she doesn't need to contact support to modify what she needs done on the site, she is able to do it herself.

Along with that, we used a theme that really melds well with her artistic flair. Without her paintings, it is a basic layout, however, once combined with her art, it really shines through and just looks fabulous.

Overall, the outcome has been greatly positive. Not only does Vonnie now have a site that really melds well with her art, but the ability to edit listings whenever she wants to with no cost except a couple minutes of her time, is fantastic. Since Vonnie cycles through her art rather quickly, she has managed to save a significant amount from support, and increased sales overall due to a quicker rotation of her listings.

Baletwine Site & Applications

Baletwine Site & Applications

Baletwine NZ brings your agribusiness a selection of products to make you more productive and more profitable. 

Whether you're a sheep farmer, your cows have mastitis, or you have to measure your key performing areas, you'll love what Baletwine has to offer. 

What did Baletwine require from us?

Baletwine approached us wanting to develop a major set of products for them. They wanted a site and 3 applications developed.

The idea was to use the site as a platform to house all the applications they were wanting developed, which was the main focus for them.

How did we accomplish this and what were the results?


baletwinesite2Trio Technology built the marketing website for Baletwine in Joomla using the Joomlart theme JA Cloris.

The website is a simple one page website as it is mainly a platform for all the apps being developed to be under with all the information into just a couple of pages.

The site covers the apps, sample images, contacts, downloads and other essential information.




baletwinefarmbossThis is a mobile application developed using Phone Gap and HTML5 and is freely available to the website users, looking for agricultural tools on hand.

We designed FarmBoss for Baletwine's vision for a tool to make calculations and decisions for the everyday farmer.

The App uses effective, easy to use tables and charts with the use of JavaScript frameworks to create a user interface that needs no explanation.

FarmBoss contains many packs which can be emailed as csv files. This means that they’re ideal for communicating with staff, consultants, absent shareholders or with your own PC for further evaluation when it suits.


farmhelpCaptureThe FarmHelp app is a tutorial app designed to help the small/lifestyle farmer cope with the farm chores and functions needed to run a modern and busy farm. From the website;

"Farmhelp is a great resource for information on farming and livestock tasks, using methods that have been tried and tested over 40 years – right on your Android mobile phone and at your fingertips. Whether you're an experienced farmer or starting out with a smallholding, Farmhelp can save you time, money, and get you back to doing what you do best – tending your land, livestock, and allowing your staff to work quickly and safely unsupervised."

We built the back-end functionality for entering and storing the content and image. We also built the XML Parser for moving content from a back-end server to a device. The Android only application was built by Pixel This with Graphic Design by Marshall Creative.


baletwinechartitBaletwine wanted to create a mobile application for technologically advanced farmers to use on the go. The result was an extensive application which provides tools to measure and report on all aspects of the farming business.

The application was developed using a combination of a mobile JavaScript library called Phone Gap, as well as HTML5 and CSS.

Phone Gap is a platform for building native mobile applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. This makes development more effective and efficient for the client.

The application was designed with multiple platforms in mind. Through rigorous testing, the application is fully responsive to all mobile and tablet devices. This means you don’t have to worry about having difficulty with navigation and usability no matter what device you decide to use.

Chart-it was designed to be used independent of WiFi and phone signal for those times you are far away from civilization.

Whether you want to track sales and expenses, measure differences between products, or track the productivity of a work team. Then Chart-it will become a valuable tool in your business management toolbox.


1 chartCreate up to 5 key performance areas for your business then choose two criteria from each area for comparison. Information is displayed as bar graphs for quick graphic comparison. The data can be emailed back to the office for deeper analysis or to service providers for advice.


Three bar graphs let you report actual outputs against budgets. Choose your own criteria such as Income, Expenses, Product Sales or create your own. Set goals and targets and enter the actuals as they become available daily, weekly or monthly or annually. You can email data to stakeholders, giving you straightforward,authoritative communication with no reports to write!


5 chart3 chart2 chart

Baletwine Website

Baletwine Website

Trio Technology built the marketing website for Baletwine in Joomla using the Joomlart theme JA Cloris. The website is a simple one page website which all the information into just a couple of pages. The site covers of the app, sample images, contacts, why download and other essential information.

Bridge NZ

Bridge NZ

Bridge NZ, originally known as the Independent Bridge Stationery Supplies (IBSS), started as a small business in Palmerston North that specialised in the game of Bridge.

As of 2015, they are located in Whanganui and have developed not only the NZ Bridge Scoring Programme, but the BridgePad as well.

What did Bridge NZ require from us?

bridge exampleBridge NZ approached us with two things in mind. 

Firstly, Bridge NZ needed a way to easily access Club event results across New Zealand, for team events and for Swiss pairs. After a meeting, we decided to create a web app which uses HTML5, CSS and Kendo UI with embedded Razor. This allowed us to create an easy to use, fully functioning application that Bridge NZ and all its clubs can use.

Secondly, Bridge NZ specialise in Bridge products and rely on selling these products. They came to us looking to update their outdated and aging HTML site, as this could no longer be their gateway to selling products.

How did we accomplish this and what were the results?

Results Application


Razor is a markup syntax based on ASP.NET that lets you embed server-based code (Visual Basic and C#) into web pages.

Server-based code can create dynamic web content on the fly from servers or other web pages.

We used this to generate the results in the web app.


Kendo UI

dropdown menuKendo UI Mobile is a performance focused UI framework top of jQuery. Making use of adaptive rendering technology, it emulates native-looking UI on devices without developers having to change anything.

Usage of JavaScript can be made minimal, existing mostly in the ViewModel portion of the MVVM pattern. By that token, it’s the UI components where Kendo UI Mobile really shines.

We used Kendo UI to create a visual appeal of the website while also keeping the website fully responsive on all devices.


HTML + JavaScript

These languages were used to glue all the components together creating a web app that fully caters for the customer.


bridge dropdownThe Bridge NZ website that we developed has now been updated with Joomla using a fully customized theme to maintain the websites unique feel while also bringing it into the 21st century.

The website uses a Joomla component called Zoo which is used to display data and information. (e.g. products, club info, etc..)

The website also uses another component called Hika shop which ensures that the shopping cart works flawlessly for their customers.

Bridge NZ now have a web app that is simple and straightforward to use to keep track of results, and have the ability to share them with the organisation.

They also have a modern, easily navigable website. With the upgrade in website design, they have a clearer laid out website, which in turn causes customers to be able to use it better. The happier a customer is with browsing a site with a seamless and easy experience, the higher the chance they will purchase from the site.

Bridge NZ Results Application

Bridge NZ Results Application

Bridge App

Bridge NZ needed a way to easily access to Club event results across New Zealand, for team events and Swiss pairs. We decided to create a web app which uses HTML5, CSS, Kendo UI with embedded Razor. This allowed us to create an easy to use, fully functioning application that Bridge NZ and all its clubs can use.

Bridge NZ Website

Bridge NZ Website

Bridge NZ is a business that specialize in selling items relating to the game Bridge. 


Digital DM

Digital DM

Digital DM is a key foundation client for Trio Technology and have worked with them since 2006. We support their core business applications namely the epublishing and touch screen kiosk technology that we have developed for them over the years. There are several areas that we support DDM;

Fleetwise .net support

Fleetwise .net support

Fleetwise's core business is Fleet management and they maintain and develop two applications aimed at the needs of corporate and local government users. These two .Net applications were supported by Trio staff and we maintained and developed these applications by adding new functions and features to need the needs of their customers.

Grout Pro

Grout Pro

ProGroup Home Service Specialists is New Zealand’s award winning and premier home service franchise group. ProGroup’s aim is to provide New Zealand home owners specialised and professional home services, performed by fully trained and qualified franchise business owners.


PNPersonnel Recruitment Specialists

Palmerston North Personnel

PN Personnel wanted to refresh their website. They needed a supportive development team and we came to the party.

RA Burt

RA Burt

RA Burt specialise in importing quality home-ware and was originally started all the way back in 1946 by Bob Burt and has been run by the Burt family since then in Palmerston North. Most products were originally sourced from England or locally made here in New Zealand.

Nowadays though, due to globalisation, Ra Burt is able to import their products from a wide range of different countries that include China, India, England, Poland and Taiwan.

What did RA Burt require from us?

raburtsearchPrior to us working with RA Burt, they had a older Joomla website that had a few issues.

One being that it was outdated, and they felt like they needed a fresher theme, as so many people are put off by older websites almost instantly as they've grown accustomed to the simple and neat design of modern websites.

A more serious issue however were the security flaws present in the older version of Joomla. This can and has caused problems for them due to the malicious nature of certain people. They wanted us to step in, give them not only a beautiful website to sell there items, but to make sure that no one could compromise the security of the site. 


How did we accomplish this and what were the results?

raburtclocksWe decided to use an updated Joomla version for the new site. With a combination of our expertise with it, and it being a newer iteration of Joomla, the security issues which plagued the site before weren't going to be a problem.

HikaShop is a module that provides an interface for handling languages, currencies, zones and advanced taxes to sell anywhere in the world. Products are easily managed using the built-in dashboard, with special features such as statistics and marketing tools. This module works on all devices,and is integrated with many other modules and plugins.

Overall, RA Burt now have a site that is more inline to what sites nowadays are, they are now more secure than they were, and they are able to switch out products with ease, reducing support costs, thus reducing expenses.

SBP Journal

SBP Journal

SBP Journal has been publishing journals since 1973 and has always embraced the web with their first incarnation of the website going live in 2001. Since then they have had a number of different websites dedicated to promoting the Social Behavior and Personality Journal. Trio Technology was asked to revamp the website and create not just a new look, but with added functionality for helping them control and manage the process of receiving, selecting and editing submissions for publication.

SF Pet Cremations

SF Pet Cremations

Soul Friend Petcremations needed a robust client management system that was going to give them the ability to track and manage their customers (and their activities) and also process orders through a ticket management system. 

Our Data Centres

Depending on the plan selected, we will host your website from a number of locations.

  • Christchurch VPS - We host most of our sites on our Christchurch based VPS (Virtual Private Server). Our VPS's are managed by a Network and Infrastructure Specialist at the Net24 Data-centre, a Tier 3+ data-centre with a 99.99% Core Network Service Level Agreement.
  • International Cloud Hosting - For our custom hosting customers, depending on needs, we will host their applications from any of the international cloud networks like Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS. In entirely depends on the requirements of the application and needs of the client.