From Bob Stewart & SBP Journal

1352415278 quoteSBP Journal has always strived to be on the cutting edge of technology with our websites, offering users; Libraries, Authors, Reviewers, personal Subscribers, and Readers; an easy-to-use platform to suit each of their purposes. 

We approached Trio Technology in 2010 for a solution to our complex needs in a website for publishing our journal, using workflows that were friendly to both staff and end-users. Their friendly, knowledgeable and very skilled staff researched our needs fully and provided us with a solution that completely filled the needs of our journal.

Their initial building of our website and teaching us each process was invaluable and their ongoing support is of an excellent standard. Trio team members are highly skilled, friendly, professional and listen to the needs of those who seek their assistance, SBP Journal is proud to have their association in our web development and maintenance.

The SBP Journal team