From Simone Morrison, Soul Friend Pet Cremations

1352415278 quoteI have utilised the services of Trio Technology since their inception back in 2010 and before that from their previous employer.  Their brief involved a tight budget, to assist me in building a database to track inventory in a Pet cremation business, precious inventory at that. 

I had decided it was critical to know what part of the process any pet was at, at any given time, and in real time.  This allowed me to respond to the clients accurately and confidently, during what is a stressful time.  At the time of writing we have 23,000 pets on record, and I do not know how I could have functioned successfully without this tool. 

Over time the brief has expanded and the budget accordingly, but I now have a database that my clients can engage with directly, and that sends data accurately to my accounting software, virtually eliminating the need for a staff member to input, which was previously a significant role.  We can now even book in pets using a smart phone app while we are out on the road, and check data in this way also.

Working with Nick particularly has been an adventure.  I know just enough about computer coding to be dangerous, but he has been patient in explaining the concepts in language I can grasp and make educated decisions about.  He has many ideas to add to this business model, and he has been instrumental in assisting me with accounting packages, VOIP phone systems and email newsletters also. 

He won’t like me saying so but when we have struck difficultly I have rung late at night or on weekends and always got a response.  The team at Trio Technology are talented and capable, professional and highly organised. It’s great to see them growing a solid and successful business and  I have no hesitation in recommending them to all.