Trio not only does the software development and programming for your website or application, but we can also host it for you was well. Depending on your requirements we have 3 plans to meet your needs.

Hosting Plus

Hosting Plus is our Standard Hosting offering with additional proactive features. This is the solution of those who just want their website kept up to date and secure as possible but without getting stuck into the technical aspects of it all.

  • Price: $35 per month in advance
  • Features:
    • Web Hosting
    • Email Addresses (5)
    • Managed Weekly Updates to latest minor release of Joomla or Wordpress.
    • Monthly Audit and report of site health & security
    • Managed Weekly Back-ups
    • Real-time Update Monitor - if your site goes down, we'll know about.
    • FTP Access

Custom Hosting

With custom hosting, we work with you to define your hosting requirements. There are many factors here - global reach, size of the audience, size of the site, platform (PHP, .Net etc) and other elements of the solution.

We have hosting solutions for global audiences on, Azure cloud, AWS as well as VPS solutions from our NZ partner where the users are only in New Zealand.

Talk to us today about your requirements.

  • Features:
    • Web Hosting

Our Data Centres

Depending on the plan selected, we will host your website from a number of locations.

  • Christchurch VPS - We host most of our sites on our Christchurch based VPS (Virtual Private Server). Our VPS's are managed by a Network and Infrastructure Specialist at the Net24 Data-centre, a Tier 3+ data-centre with a 99.99% Core Network Service Level Agreement.
  • International Cloud Hosting - For our custom hosting customers, depending on needs, we will host their applications from any of the international cloud networks like Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS. In entirely depends on the requirements of the application and needs of the client.