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Mobile is getting bigger everyday and Trio Technology can help you mobilise your business. We develop in HTML5 or Native Apps for Android and Apple

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Native Apps 

  • iOS or Android apps, even Windows 8 apps
  • Full functionality available
  • Accessed from Google Play or iTunes Store 

Responsive Design

  • Your website can be designed to viewed on either standard (PC) or mobile devices.
  • The site changes it's shape and visuals depending on the screen size and resolution available
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It's not easy !

  • Mobile optimisation is an art, it needs to look good whilst being functional on a small screen
  • We can take the pain away from mobile development
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HTML5 (+CSS3 and Js)

  • Delivered by the Internet from a website
  • Good functionality available for standard apps
  • Does not need to be submitted to a store
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  • A fast growing segment of the commerce market. Is your site mobile optimised for commerce ?
  • Make your site m-commerce ready

Today's web experiences across multiple connected screens brings many new technology complexities and challenges. Software and services are beginning to be more important than hardware, context and screen type dictate design choices and rich-capable browsers now allow high-end, distinct hardware delivery.

Trio Technology can deliver your customers a mobile experience for any device. We have the skill and experience to make mobile happen. Mobile isn't just apps in iTunes, it is about delivering your content to those on the go as well.

  • Baletwine Site & Applications
  • Chart-It
  • Farmboss Mobile Application
  • FarmHelp Mobile Application