SBP Journal

SBP Journal

SBP Journal has been publishing journals since 1973 and has always embraced the web with their first incarnation of the website going live in 2001. Since then they have had a number of different websites dedicated to promoting the Social Behavior and Personality Journal. Trio Technology was asked to revamp the website and create not just a new look, but with added functionality for helping them control and manage the process of receiving, selecting and editing submissions for publication.

Open Journal System

After researching the issues, Trio recommended an Open Source Journal system and then adapted this for the specific needs of SBP Journal. We also added the theme specific to the design for SBP as in the process helped create a new logo for them with the design partners on this project Marshall Creative.

We added new work-flows for processing submissions, altered the approval process and modified the payment process to allow for multiple payments from many authors of a paper. The site is ecommerce enabled for payment and uses the DPS Payment Gateway.

In their own words - "In the upgrade of the SBP website, we have incorporated an exciting new manuscript processing system. This is going to have huge benefits for authors, reviewers, and our editors alike. The entire publication process, from submission to publication, can be viewed, updated, and managed through the online system. For authors, this will mean 24/7 access to the current status of their manuscript – whether it has been accepted, reviewed, edited, or published. Reviewers access manuscripts for review directly from the website, and are now able to give an opinion on the manuscript – acceptance, resubmission, rejection – which will be seen only by the editorial staff.

New Features and Functionality

Additional new features include more efficient navigation of pages; an improved search function; the Editor’s pick of the month, made by members of the Editorial staff, to highlight areas of personal interest; and the “Our Team” page, which introduces the people running SBP Journal behind the scenes. Many of you will have had contact with some or all of our team members over years, and we are pleased to be able to offer a more personal touch to our interactions with the journal community.

We now have a virtually paperless system, something that has been our goal for many years. The new publishing system allows for electronic editing, proofreading, and layout so that paper copies of manuscripts will not be needed at any stage of the process. We expect authors will also be delighted with the improvements and streamlined features; any feedback on the new features, or questions about any aspect of the publication system are welcome."


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