Xero Invoice Manager Support

If you are having issue connecting and posting to Xero with the AC module, please check the following BEFORE emailing us for support;

  • Check your Xero instance and especially the accuracy of the keys you've entered (the module does not validate the keys on entering)
  • Check the permissions of your server and ensure that the /work  & /cache folder are writeable by HTTP. If using Apache, check and configure the owner of the folders.
  • Check the certificates are correct, have not expired and are uploaded into the Certificates folder under the module folder. Also check that the Organisation name used to generate the certificate exactly matches the organisation name in Xero.
  • If you have specified a newly created Xero GL Account to use, revert to a standard GL account like 200 (NZ&AUS) or 400 (US) for testing to eliminate Xero set-up as the problem
  • Run a manual export again on a newly issued TEST invoice, but please choose the back-up option which will store the XML in the /work/xero_invoice_manager folder. Once run there should be two files, a Send XML and a Response XML. If you have a response XML (unlikely), view this for an API response, maybe with an error message from Xero. You could also copy the postXML and run it through the API Previewer (https://api.xero.com/Preview/invoices/POSTto see if that gives an error.

Otherwise, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Xero Invoice Manager Support
  • C : Monday, 19 May 2014
  • M : Friday, 27 October 2017