What We Do

What We Do...

Trio Technology is a software and technology company offering our software development services in a wide range of platforms and languages. We have expertise on hand in .Net and PHP as well as Visual Basic, C#, Java and Javascript. 

We have also developed project elements in Python and Lua scripts.

...and what we don't do.

It's easy as developers to think that your stuff is better than others, after all, it works exactly the way you want it. It's easy to get caught in that trap of thinking that CMS that you wrote for one customer can be used for everyone - with a little modification. At Trio, we don't write our own software tools or frameworks.

 Why?  Because we don't have to!

 Since the mid 2000's, there have been a multitude of frameworks and tools available to developers. These are available as open source (such as Zend etc) or paid for (Telerik, Dev Express etc). At Trio, we believe that the right tool for us is out there already. We have used and continue to use many different frameworks. Several in use currently by us on projects include Telerik, Dev Express, Symfony and Joomla. We also use the Javascript frameworks JQuery and Sencha Touch for our HTML5 and mobile applications.

You might ask, why don't you back yourselves and build you own stuff ? The answer is simple - we back ourselves to build great business applications on TOP of these great frameworks that we have access to. Paid-for software has teams of developers and testers working on the product. Add in support and engineering back-up and the argument is pretty compelling. Likewise Open Source software tends to have hundreds of developers contributing to the project, plus hundreds, if not thousands of users adding bug reports and other issues. 

 We're here to build the best software we can for our clients and we don't believe that our time is best used replicating other companies efforts.