• Mobile App Showcase

    Over the years, Trio has created and deployed many mobile apps using a number of different platforms. Platforms vary in their functions and usability. Xamarin and React are our platforms for choice for cross-platform app delivery.

App Showcase

Some of these apps are no longer supported or in the stores due to business decisions or the owners have abandoned the project. Where possible we have included a link to the Google Play Store.

Horizons Fleet App

Horizons IWG Risk

RA Burt

Hubo from BD14


Chart It

Farm Boss

Here are some case studies of Apps we've built

Going mobile - Helping BD14's truck drivers ditch the paper-based logbook

Creating a new ‘Hubo’ mobile logbook application for BD14 and their drivers.

Brand loyalty on the go

Creating a mobile extension to the Shoe Clinic website.

Controlling your bike’s Gloworm X2 lights from your phone

Creating a mobile app interface for Gloworm Lite’s marketing-leading performance lights